Ula Uke Web 1Legend has it that in the year 2010, Ula bought herself a ukulele for Christmas and moved to the Caribbean. Her plan: learn to play the ukulele, sing to self while lounging in a hammock all day. This is exactly what happened. That is, until the lure of the stage brought her back to New York City and she found herself writing silly songs and playing them on burlesque and variety stages all across the country.

Songs Include:Ula Uke 7 - credit Matthew Schectman

  • Dan the Awesome Man
  • I Hate Winter
  • The Temp Job Song
  • A Love Song
  • A Like Song
  • A Sex Song
  • A Fuck You Song
  • A Birthday Song

Perhaps one day she will record an album. In the mean time, enjoy these videos….